Baby Products

From prams, to lightly used second hand baby clothing for sale, many online merchants specialise in the sale of used baby products. But, as a parent you have many questions. Are items fully cleaned prior to selling? Are they safe if they are refurbished or reconditioned? Is it worth saving a little on the price?

These are some things to consider when buying used baby products.


When buying reconditioned or refurbished items you can purchase them through specialist merchants and there are many online. These merchants not only offer refurbish used baby, prams, cribs and other items but they also guarantee these items.

Additionally, they will warrant your purchase and ensure they are safe for use with your child. This not only eliminates the fear you have of buying second hand, it also provides the warranties so you are covered if issues do turn up.

What should you buy

Not all items should be purchased second hand. Certain types of clothing, especially if your child has allergies or skin conditions, shouldn't be purchased used. Used cribs are sometimes not the safest bet either. If not fully sure, don't purchase it. Items like books, baby and even carriages may be good options to buy used. So, make a short list and do your research to find out how safe/effective items are, prior to purchasing second hand.

What should I pay?

This is an issue which isn't black and white. Yes, prices are going to be lower than new but many refurbished items are in "like new" condition. This means they are still going to cost a bit more than used condition. As a rule of thumb you should never pay more than 1/3 of the full price of the item new but then again you need to consider warranties, condition, merchant guarantees and other factors.

Many people have reservations when it comes to buying used baby products. As long as you do your research and purchase from the right specialists you don't have to worry about safety or cleanliness concerns.

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